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A job where you get paid to do nothing…no, I am not kidding!

June 23, 2009

I am a teacher. I’m no longer in the classroom, but I was until February of this year. I say that because I want folks to know that even though I am a teacher I don’t agree with a lot of things that go on in education. We wouldn’t expect a doctor to agree with everything that goes on in the medical field, would we? But if that doctor was unqualified or did something wrong, we would expect consequences. Tell me why then 700 teachers in New York getting paid to do nothing?

If this isn’t evidence of how messed up unions and the tenure system is, I don’t know what is. The article is on Yahoo today so if you don’t believe me you can read it for yourself. These teachers are sent to rubber rooms and are there playing scrabble, painting, or surfing the web. Some of them have been doing this for years. Unbelievable!

I don’t know whether or not these teachers are really unfit for the classroom but here is something I do know….tenure for anyone in any job is ridiculous. I can’t help but think that the rest of the working world looks at the teaching profession and wonders how we get away with this because they would like to have the same archaic system.

All over America people are losing there jobs and I sympathize with them. I have friends and family in this position and it’s tough, but come on people….getting paid to do nothing?  I know it’s wrong to criticize until we walk a mile in someone elses shoes (or sit with them in a rubber room) but I don’t see how anyone can keep taking a pay check for doing absolutely nothing.

If tax payers in New York aren’t outraged and motivated to do something about this, then shame on them. It’s time someone somewhere stood up and took teacher’s unions to task. They are an embarrassment to an honorable profession.