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A new bloggy direction…

September 22, 2009

The time has come to “close down” this blog… but don’t despair.  You can find more bloggy goodness over at

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Beautiful Things

September 13, 2009


I went four wheeling with my son yesterday. He rode me around the farm and I took my camera with me. There was a field full of yellow wildflowers that was so beautiful I had to make a picture of it.

 On the way back I made him stop again so I could take a picture of the view.

Thank you Lord for blessings great and small. For fields of yellow flowers and beautiful scenery.

Twenty Nine and Still Going Strong

August 30, 2009

bill-and-me-at-mariahs.jpgTwenty nine years ago today I said “I do.” Bill and I had an outdoor wedding at my parent’s house. I had nine bridesmaids and Bill had nine groomsmen. At the time I didn’t realize how this must have stressed my poor mother out. She never complained. In fact, I suspect she enjoyed the wedding more than I did because it was the wedding she never had. My dad and mom eloped. She was sixteen and he was twenty six. They snuck off to Tennessee, tied the knot and surprised everyone back home with a phone call. I wasn’t there of course but I don’t think the news was well received.

Anyway, mom and dad both seemed to enjoy my wedding. They loved Bill and were really happy to have him as a son-in-law. My brother was thrilled I’d found someone he actually liked and my friends all liked him too. Bill was a Michigan boy, a Yankee through and through, but he adapted so well to the south that he fit right in. He learned to love Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. He gave up hockey for UK Basketball (well he still watches hockey but not as much as basketball) and he quickly caught on to the difference in corn and squash.

Twenty nine years, five children and one grandchild later, we’re still in love and plan to stay that way for at least twenty nine more years.

I love you honey. Happy Anniversary.

Dog Days of Summer

August 26, 2009


It’s the end of summer and I think my dogs know it. They search out the shade, pant, drink water, pee on a tree and go back to the shade. I’m not sure how I ended up with so many dogs but I can testify that they are all equally loved. My twin boys will walk right past my out stretched arms to love on one of the dogs. And they talk to them like they are people.

“Roxy, did you have a good day? What’d you do today girl? I missed you!”

“Sam, you been chasing any rabbits today?”

And so on and so forth.

So far the dogs haven’t talked back, but hey, it could happen……

August 15, 2009


Today we celebrated my birthday and my son-in-laws birthday by dining together at a restaurant in Bowling Green. First, let me say that I think it’s really neat to share a birthday with Gabe. How many women can say they have the same birthday as their son-in-law? I’m not sure Gabe feels the same way, but hopefully he doesn’t mind it.

It’s rare for all my children to be at one place at one time so eating a meal with them at a restaurant is a real treat.

I’m not very savy at posting pictures on my blog and can’t seem to make them appear where I want them to, but I wanted to share them with you so you can see pictures of my family. I’ll share the pictures, but it’s too late to share the delicious chocolate brownie and ice cream they gave me as a birthday treat. It was awesome, not as awesome as my sister-in-laws brownies!

Forgive my poor photography skills and the fact that I didn’t get everyone there in the pictures. Still, you get the general idea. Lots of love and lots of good food. I am so blessed!

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Roller coaster ride of life

May 19, 2009

roller-coaster.jpgDid you ever suddenly wonder just how you got where you are? Have you ever been driving and before you know it you have arrived at your destination with no memory of last several miles? My guess is it probably happens to us all from time to time. Kind of scary to think that the car you just met on the road may have someone driving it whose mind is a million miles away, isn’t it?

Lately I’ve been having the “wonder how I got here?” thoughts about my life. I’ve been married for nearly thirty years to the love of my life. I have five mostly grown children (I think the twins are finished growing. At six foot seven if they get much taller we will have to raise the door frame at church). I have a beautiful granddaughter and I’m hoping for another grandchild sometime in the not too far future (hint, hint Rachel and Gabe). I have a job I enjoy. My family enjoys good health and I’m grateful for all my blessings, but sometimes I feel like I sneezed, blinked my eyes and landed where I am now.

I look at pictures of the children when they were young and remember how many times my mother said, “Treasure these moments it will go so fast.”  I knew she was right but I didn’t realize that she meant faster than the speed of light. At times it feels like my life has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs, unexpected curves, thrills and chills. I know that the ride can’t and won’t last forever and I find myself looking over my shoulder and wondering just how I got where I am.

I look in the mirror and the same face I’ve been seeing for fifty two years stares back at me. Only now there are lines and wrinkles that no amount of face cream is going to erase, no matter how much it costs or what the commercials promise it will do.

I have a good life. I’ve been given so many blessings then when we sing the song “Count your blessings name them one by one” at church I know I couldn’t possibly count them all. So instead of worrying about when the roller coaster ride of life will end, I try to stay focused on what a good ride it’s been and give thanks to God for allowing me this experience called “life” that is a mere blip on the radar screen of eternity.

Moms Rock!!!!!

May 8, 2009

number-one-mom.jpgThe woman who started Mother’s Day hated what happened to it; the commercialism. I agree with her. The idea of having a holiday just so merchants can sell us coffee cups that say “I love Mom” doesn’t really do much for me. However the idea of honoring moms does appeal to me, and I know so many that deserve some sort of award that I’ve decided to mention just a few of them here.

Denise is a teaching buddy who is divorced and remarried. Her two sons have what I consider serious health issues. One is a diabetic and one is asthmatic. Because I taught next door to her I overheard a lot of what went on in her classroom and I can testify that she is one awesome teacher. She works hard. She works late and weekends. She loves and respects every child in her classroom and she doesn’t cut corners. She loves her husband and her children and she is an awesome mother. She manages to juggle their health issues and a fulltime career beautifully.

Mary Lenita is another teaching friend. She is actually a retired teacher who came back to work part time and does such a good job that the staff doesn’t want her to ever retire for good! Her two children are grown and are successful members of the community. She has granddaughters that she hosts makeup parties and sleep overs for. But the thing that impresses me the most about her is the loving way she cares for her own mother. Her mother is in her nineties and pretty much homebound. Mary Lenita sees that she is never left alone. She takes her to all her medical appointments and lovingly checks on her through out the day each and every day.

Jessie is a friend from church who is raising three of her granddaughters. They have lived with her since they were very young. Jessie is about my age, maybe a few years older (I am 52) and she parents and grandparents with a gusto that leaves me tired. The girls are at church every Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesdays. They attend every school function and they are growing into fine young ladies.

Gina is a buddy from way back. She has two children and a step-son who adore her, but the reason I mention her here is because we share something in common. Gina’s mother has cancer. When your mom has cancer it is a life changing experience. If that wasn’t enough of a battle, Gina has faced cancer as well. Gina’s heart is the size of Texas and while it hasn’t been easy for her, she has handled her own health issues and those of her mom with dignity and grace. If I had a magic wand I would wave it over my friend’s life and “fix” all her problems, but I can’t so I keep her close in prayer.

And then there is Gaye; sweet, kind, loving Gaye.  For the past year her husband has been fighting cancer the way a prize boxer fights a bigger, fierce and very scary opponent. Her life has turned into a rollercoaster ride that would terrify the faint of heart. Her four sons have rallied round her and the whole community is cheering them on as they do their best to take one day at a time and enjoy even the smallest victories. A year ago mowing the yard seemed like such a mundane thing, but now when her husband is able to mow the yard or wash his truck, Gaye stands at the window and offers prayers of thanks and gratitude to the God who she knows is watching over her. In addition to her loving support of her husband her only grandchild has a heart condition and the possibility of more surgery looms in the future. Gaye’s job at the local Chamber of Commerce keeps her in the public eye and while she occasionally shows her human side (she wore two different colored shoes to work one day this week) most of the time she is such a polished professional that she amazes us all. We love you Gaye!

I can’t close without mentioning my own mother. Shirley Demumbrum Bell. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Not a Mother’s Day goes by that I don’t shed a tear for her, but I’ve learned to celebrate her life in my heart and I know that would make her happy. No mother wants their children to mourn them forever. Miss them, yes. Mourn them, no. Mom was an amazing woman but I know that the best way I can thank her for the wonderful job she did is by being a good mom and grandmother to my children and grandchildren.

Mother’s Day is really about love. Mom’s give their children love and ask them to pass it on. Happy Mother’s Day to all my “Mom Friends.”  I love you and you are awesome. Moms Rock!!!!

Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos

May 4, 2009

By now most of you know that I love to read and last week I ran across a book that I want to recommend to you. Actually, I am more than recommending it, I’m telling you that if you like to read at all then you MUST read this book. The language is delightful. It’s like reading poetry woven so delicately in with the story that it creates a shimmering thing of beauty right before your very eyes. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you wondering what happens next. The characters are so real and believable you’d swear you know them.

I usually read mysteries, so I’m not exactly sure why I picked up this book, but I’m so very glad I did. This is actually Ms. Santos second book. Her first book was also about most of these same characters. I definitely don’t think readers will feel cheated if they do as I did and pick up Belong to Me without knowing about her first book. Now that I have read Belong to me, I plan on reading everything Ms. Santos writes, including her first novel-Love Walked In.

She is one talented writer and I can’t wait until her next book!

Too pretty outside for blogging

April 23, 2009

I got my wish! The weather is beautiful and now I want to be outside all the time. Unless I can figure out a way to blog while I take long, leisurely walks, plant flowers, or work in the yard, I don’t know how I’m ever going to blog again! I guess I’ll just have to wait for a rainy day.

 Blessings to each of you. Hope the weather is pretty where you are!

Big Feet

March 1, 2009

tennis-shoes.jpgThe phone rang Friday morning and the lady who was calling had an unusual request. It seems that during the thunder storm the night before lightening had struck a mobile home and it burned to the ground. The family barely had time to escape and didn’t even have time to grab their shoes. One of the teenagers needed a size fifteen shoe and that’s why we got a phone call.

“When I heard the boy needed size fifteen shoes I said “No way!” We will never find shoes big enough,” she said. “But the bus driver said he thought the Kindred boys had really big feet and they might have some. Do you?”

Bill laughed and told her the boys actually wear sixteens now, so they might have an old pair that would work.

The boys found a pair of shoes and dropped them off where the lady instructed. She called back later in the day to say thank you. “I still can’t believe we found a pair of shoes to fit that boy,” she said. “You’ve never seen anyone so happy to have a pair of tennis shoes!”

Thank goodness for big feet and isn’t it great to live a small town where not only does everyone know your name, they also know your shoe size!